Monday, May 4, 2009

Falling behind

Ever think you may be falling behind when it comes to modern technology? I sure do.
I think I made a big mistake at Christmas time when I purchased a new cell phone. Now I have had one for years cause I got a really cheap fee through my place of employment but only took it with us when we traveled, to let the kids know we were okay. I decided to buy my husband one and learn to use it more often. What a disaster this has been. When I purchased it I told Verizon I wanted to easiest one to use, no extra features, just a basic phone. Aaah they said, we have just the phone for you. It is called a seniors phone with larger numbers and very easy to use. Well Christmas day was not the joyous occasion it should have been because my husband started trying to program it. Now he has a patient deficit and within an hour was ready to throw the phone away or take it back.He was able to turn it on, make a call but couldn't figure out the programming. Neither could I. For such a basic phone you could do multiple tasks including presetting often called numbers, different ring tones, messages, etc,etc. He finally gave up and then our eleven year old grandaughter came to the rescue. Within a few minutes she had that phone ringing 60's music, vibrating phone alerts, all the numbers in place and what else I don't know.
Isn't youth wonderful.
Then I tried to set up a computor site to check out the calls we had made. Another disaster. I did a password and after the second viewing I was told I had the wrong one. After attemping to use it several times I was told my account was locked and I had to follow several steps and they would then text me a new new password Since the phone had no texting abilities I was unable to get new password. Today they sent me a temporary password through the mail. I haven't tried it yet because I am sure I will screw that up to. Since even using a plain cell is a chore to use I can't imagine trying to text and tweeter also.


an average patriot said...

Hi Minnesota glad to hear from you!
I am technologically challenged. I hate them damn things.
Whenever one of my sons puts one in my hands I panic. I can never get use to getting a phone call and talking to someone I assume is home and find out they are at my front door. I will never get one.
Computers are bad enough I will never get a cell phone. I always get one of my sons to show me this stuff I have no interest. Hope you are well!

dr sardonicus said...

I figure out the things I need, and say the heck with the rest of it.

What I don't understand is the need so many people have developed to be in constant touch with the world 24/7/365. I have no need for Twitter. If I don't blog for a couple of weeks, or answer my e-mail or telephone, there's a reason for it.

the walking man said...

MB...The commonest thing I do with my cell phone is hand it over to someone under twenty to program whatever needs programming, into it.

Then it sits unused for the most part.

Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention that we have called the phone numerous times and either...
A. he cant hear it ring ( or feel it vibrate) is not on
C.he left it at home

As his Sunshine just shakes her head!

Minnesotablue said...

HI Patriot:I am always glad to hear that other folks have the same problems we do with cell phones. Glad to hear from you as always and yes I am doing well
DrS: When I see people walking down a street or shopping with a cell phone in their ear I often think they feel they are so important that they have to be in contact with others at all times.

Walkingman: Hi. I did just that, gave it to my eleven year old grandaughter to deal with

High heel boots (anonymus); Ya Ya Ya!

anna said...

I just had that happen today. “Your account is locked.” Sounds fatal, but it isn’t. After the initial panic, I just picked up my cell phone—it is a phone after all--and dialed the number and got the person at the other end to do the task that was beyond my meager technological ken. My hope is that my ineptitude helps to keep someone employed.

Keep the faith. And thank goodness for grandkids.

Dianne said...

Stopped by to say Happy Mother's Day
Sending lots of hugs and love across the miles

Minnesotablue said...

Anna: My panic lasts longer than yours!

Diane: And a very happy mothers day to you!